the japan years
Sun Garden

Sun Garden

9'x8'x9',wood, cut up drawings, paint, soundtrack, 1995

Sun Garden suspends from the ceiling and moves with oscillatng motors. The soundtrack by Hideo Ono uses the words from the artist’s poem.

Enter the morning garden
damp quiet moist
Sun’s red tongue
desire his only voice
Push back the shadows
hot sword’s hiss
Lick away dewdrops
gone with a steaming kiss
Approach the pale flower
push probe caress
Uncover soft petals
open disrobe undress
Shiny wetness glistens
wary ever shy
Pink flower bows
to the burning sky
Lovers become encircled
enmesh together join
Love’s full embrace
lips hearts loins
Slowly heat wanes
shroud dark night
New son will rise
born of love’s first light

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