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B E D of R O S E S

Who knows how the rose grows


Love can bloom in a quiet room
or wedged in the back of a dark steamy car
sometimes it starts from browsing in libraries
or sharing a drink in a smoky night bar

Out of simple beginnings two lives become one
from scribbled pictures lifetimes are drawn
but sometimes the fires that burn red in the night
die down to gray smoke as the years carry on

So there's one thing I’ll tell you and please heed it well
love starts in passion and often great haste
when you forget what it sounds like remember the smell
when you forget what it looks like remember the taste

Brides are soft flowers with petals of lace
and grooms are adorned with pickers and thorns
when they spiral together in love’s gentle embrace
from this plenteous horn budding roses are born

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Last updated on 19 Nov, 2020