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Little narrow shop
in the center of town
squeezed so skinny
by the big shops around

just a little door
not very wide
and a sign that says

Only narrow things
get through this door
and only narrow things
get out once more

Nails and screws
arrows and pins
copper wire
if it is thin

fold in the arms
they’ll sell you a Y
you can’t get ME
but you can get I

If all the moths
get in a row
to the narrow shop
they can go

with chopsticks they eat
thousands of noodles
a favorite dish
of dachshunds and poodles

snakes love this place
when they are thin
but eat too much lunch
can’t go home again

ol’ red hen
gets stuck in the door
lays an egg
and tries once more

Rooster is proud
struts across the floor
cock-a-doodles once
and then once more

cock-a-doodle do
and cock-a-doodle don’t
some doodles will
some doodles won’t

crows so loud
at quarter to four
wakes everybody up
as they try to snore

bright yellow pencil
stands in the hall
sampling drinks
with colorful straws

Miss Paper waits
for pencil’s return
too wide to get in
won’t she ever learn

Just turn to the side
to become very slim
she could sit down
right next to him

pebbles and stones
line up with a smile
boulders and rocks
must wait in a pile

young ballet dancers
leap off the floor
fat sumo wrestlers
pile up in the door

motorcycles and bikes
sometimes squeeze through
but try with a car
a crash awaits you

powdered-sugar donut
comes rolling right in
falls on her side
can’t get out again

So come to the narrow shop
but watch what you eat
green beans and bananas
are a safe treat

stick to the pretzels
taste not the pears
you may have to stay
for years and for years

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