Jim Hay self portrait

Jim Hay Wins First Prize!

Jim Hay WINS Original Category First Place Cash Award
at Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival Competition 2018.

Fish and Chips

This is “Fish & Chips” and harkens back to my childhood in Livonia, Michigan, when younger brother Bob and I went with Mother and Dad to “Highlands Fish & Chips” restaurant. All the staff members were from Scotland and had red hair like me. I loved that place.

The Awards Presentation Ceremony was on the Dome Stage, Saturday, January 27, 2018 at 3:00 PM.

The entire Tokyo Dome Baseball Stadium is filled each year. The show ran through January 31st 9:30-6pm, 2018. Over 230,000 viewers see this artwork.

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2015 and works on world tour

Food series

1953 Popcorn
March, 1961 Breakfast
My little brother was 8 when he saw his first scary movie. He ate some popcorn. Suddenly, Martian war machines fired straight at him. His eyes opened wide. Hands flew up. Popcorn filled the air becoming parachutes landing on the people behind us.
Bob Falconer Hay died in 1991 of AIDS before we could share old age together. All I have is the popcorn.
I am waiter for Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio
at luxurious Tides Hotel and Bath Club in Florida.
The next year, I am back in Michigan at art college,
Marilyn is dead at thirty-six
and Joe will mourn for the rest of his life.
“More coffee Marilyn? More coffee Joe?”
period photos of the Tides Hotel dining room
August 10, 1912 Tomato Soup
My Grandfather Henry Emile Trouteaud and his brother Edward bought tickets so their families could move from Guernsey Island to America. Great Grandmother (Emma Elizabeth Hancock Trouteaud) became ill before they could leave so the sons returned the tickets.
The ship sailed past Guernsey on its way out of the English Channel. Great Grandmother was eating soup. The ship was the Titanic.
Mavis Lena would grow up to become my mother.
In the early 1900s, Guernsey was famous for tomatoes called “Guernsey Toms.”
“Tomato Soup” on tour with SAQA. See the calendar.
Gone the days of simple pleasures.
Here the days of drastic measures.
Tension fills our world after 9/11. Culture, politics, religion, games and sports are all more extreme. I started Tightrope in 2001, but set it aside as too painful. Completed in 2014.
There are 35 figures including “Princess Moonlight”, “Grand Sun”, “Deer Hunter”, spectators, rabbits, the artist Jim Hay and his wife Miyuki.

Animal series

Hay for Sale
Humans Taste Like Chicken
Turnabout is fair play
Old nursery rhymes held overtones of darkness. That darkness continues today with beheadings and drone strikes. If this is the best humans can do, perhaps it is time to let another animal lead the way.
A Holstein cow joyfully munches fresh cut “Hay”, coincidentally my name. I often saw HAY FOR SALE signs while growing up in the Midwest.
Isesaki Meisen silk, kimono, archival ink photos on cloth, playing cards, ink 60" x 39"
People taste good. Good for you too.
Fry some tonight or put ’em in a stew.
Bears sleep tight the long winter through.
Tummies full of good people stew.
Humans eat chickens, pigs and fishes.
Turn the tables on those dishes.
How would you like it, what would you do?
If animals say,
by Jim Hay 2015
Lost Moon King (Hope)
Lost Moon King (Hope) Kibou 希望
Our world has extreme natural disasters: earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, tornados, floods. So much is lost. A spirit of Hope must inspire the will to clean up and rebuild.
Hope in Japanese is kibou. The kanji 希望 is formed from three parts: lost 亡 , moon 月 , king 王.

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